The Power of Theta Healing

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Published: 20th January 2011
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It was in 1995 when Vienna Stibal came upon a serendipitous moment. She was able to cure a woman having severe stomach pain. This brought her to think that if she can heal other people, why can't she heal her own sickness? During that time, Stibal was diagnosed with cancer on her right leg and doctors say that the best way to do is to amputate her leg.

One day, Stibal tried healing herself and from that moment where she meditated, God responded and the pain she felt was gone and her legs started to return to normal. After the check up, her doctors told her that the cancer was gone. Stibal find the cause of what happened and she concluded that it was all in the brain, particularly with slowing down the brainwaves to its theta state, thus the name of the method, Theta healing.

Theta is one of the five types of brainwaves that are achieved during a state when people are between the time of waking and sleeping which is 4 to 7 cycles per second. According to Vianna Stibal, healing is one of Theta brainwaves' functions. In order to do this, the person must be relieved from his beliefs that are limiting him to reach his goals and find wellness in all aspects of his life: physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

There are many benefits that people can get from undergoing Theta healing. For most people, they are experiencing relief from all their physical pain. With this, they are able to feel more connected to the things that they have to do and perform well in their work. People are also released from their emotional baggage and are able to face life happily and fulfilling.

However, there are some groups that claim that Theta healing is bogus. According to them, the whole idea of this is only for personal gain of Stibal. Theta healing is also said to be ineffective and dangerous for recipients and they only feel the Placebo effect.

Even if there are groups that are against Theta healing and its core beliefs, still, many people are stating that they have been indeed cured by using this method and have never been happier in their life. The practitioners, on the other hand are just happy that they are able to help people through this method.

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