Attaining The Theta State

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Published: 20th January 2011
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It does not really matter what place you will reach the Creator Of All That Is in order to attain the Theta state and achieve Theta healing, as long as that place can provide you peace and enlightenment. It could be anywhere, like your room, in your backyard, near the lake, ocean, and sea or at any place where nature is nearby would be ideal to heal yourself from inner destruction.

The meditation to attain the Theta state does not mean that you have to sit on crossed legs. You do not have to do it like how you see it on television. Those people who can truly meditate and find connection with the Creator Of All That Is are highly trained and experienced. If you feel comfortable on lying down on your back, you could do so, as well as sitting casually while meditating.

While you are on your comfortable position, inhale all the air that you can breath, holding it for at least two seconds. Then, rest slowly, exhaling all the air that you can. Do this breathing routine in a couple of cycles, adding more seconds as you hold your breath.

Then, for the last time, inhale all that you can and hold your breath for a full five seconds, and then tense the area of your diaphragm. After that, breathe normally, but fully, without shuddering and pausing until you reach the first phase of Thetahealing.

True Thetahealing through meditation is not really about how many years you have been practicing it. On the other hand, it is about the kind of attitude that you take upon meditation. So, you must approach meditation in a positive way to cleanse your inner self. Meditate in a calm and nonjudgmental way.

Do not let your mind think or worry about anything except on Thetahealing. Let this moment of peace take place within your consciousness and in your subconscious. If you worry about worldly things during attaining the Theta state, you would not get what you are reaching for. In simpler terms, you will be just wasting your time over nothing.

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